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To provide homemakers and restaurant chefs Fresh Garlic of unmatched quality, we, Vansh Enterprises has stepping into this food industry as an reputed Wholesaler/Distributor and Exporter.

Our range is procured from the best plantations whose farmers adopt natural farming practices. Their cultivation process is extremely reliable and hygienic. Irrespective of seasons, they grow garlic plants in location having mild climate. Garlic plants are grown by our procuring farmers in open land area and also in spacious containers of adequate depth. They grow garlic plants in a soil that contains high organic material and is free from insects and other harmful substances.

Why Garlic Is An Important Ingredient?

There can't be any doubt in the fact that Garlic is major vegetable used in different forms like sliced and paste for enhancing flavor of ample of dishes. Not one but several cuisines belonging to different regions like Middle East, Northern Africa, Eastern Asia and certain parts of Latin America, use garlic as leading ingredient in making dishes. Though it might not be like other vegetables like potato, tomato, Capsicum, etc, that are cooked and eaten by a lot as a complete dish. But garlic is undoubtedly, most essential vegetable that work as a seasoning and adds flavor to the dish made out of main vegetables. If you people harbors doubt regarding importance of garlic as ingredient, then you must read or go through websites of famous cooking experts who have confessed that cooking of certain dishes mainly mughalai require sliced garlic or paste for bringing that authentic taste.

Garlic- Treasure Of Health Benefits

If we keep qualities of flavoring agent aside, Garlic is also a treasure of health benefits. For human health, the consumption and use of this vegetable is utterly important. It is not any verbal confession but many scientists and reputed medical experts also agree that consumption of garlic has improved health of those who use this while making their dishes. Below mentioned are few exception health benefits offered by Garlic are:

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